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About Us

Lush New York was created after my two passions. Candle making and energy healing. I’ve always had a passion for candles. I dedicated a long time to the search of the perfect candle. I bought as many candles as I could, and many times ended up disappointed. The candle’s quality wasn’t good, it didn't have a good scent, it didn’t add anything to my décor, or I just didn’t connect with it.

   I decided to learn how to make candles myself. It became my hobby for many years. I loved experimenting with scents and design. I was very pleased with the result of the fragrances I created. However, I just could not find a container that was good enough. I tried all shapes and sizes. But not one had that “WOW” factor. I was also looking for a way to deepen healing, connection, something that would enhance meditation experiences and would also support my growth as a person. I’m a big fan of crystals and their healing powers, so I combined the strength and healing powers of stones and the light candles bring. All with positive energy channeled into them.

The result is the best marriage between the perfect candle, and the perfect vessel for the purposes described above. When a product is created with the right intention it helps its users so much more. Our jars are stand-alone pieces that will last forever. Buy different kind of candle refills, and as many scents as you want. Its also elegant and timeless.