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Properties of Stones

  • All the colors of Marble are used to provide for both clarity and suspension in states of meditation
  •  Marble helps you reach peak states of meditation and promotes total recall of dreams
  •  It also helps you access the “unused” portions of the mind, providing for the strength of self-control, the mastery of thought and the power of serenity
  •  Brings out your nurturing instinct and can enhance good common sense in matters of the heart and home
  • It helps build strength of character and is also a “stone to provide protection” – both physical and emotional. 
  • It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the bone marrow and for viral and bacterial infections, sore throat, lower back pain and to increase flexibility (physical and mental)
  • Provides strength, vigor and stamina
  • Helps you to be comfortable in your surroundings and promotes self-confidence
  • In extremely challenging times (of physical or mental stress), this stone helps by centering your energy and aligning it with a higher power, making a connection with the whole
  • Onyx has been used to banish grief and sorrows, and to enhance self control 
  • It encourages happiness and good fortune
  •  It helps you to absorb from the universe the energies you need at that particular time
  • It helps you to become the master of your own future and can also be used to deflect the negativity of others
  • Conveys the precious gift of wise decisions 
  • Balances Yin and Yang energy within the body
  • It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the bones, bone marrow, teeth, feet, and blood